Minor Characters In Mother Courage By Bertolt Brecht

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The Book Mother courage is a book written by Bertolt Brecht, the book was written in Germany. This German play writer’s ideas had changed the face of theatre perpetually. The author had begun writing the play in Denmark in 1938, scrutinizing the reason why people are ready to give up their live although knowing they are going to die. Anna Fierling is the protagonist in the play; she is familiarly called as mother courage. She lives off by driving a cart from camp to camp, flogging boots, rum, sausages and pistols to the soldiers, negotiating, lying and cheating, and sometimes even thriving. She is unsentimental, canny and shrewd. She is brave lady who does not believe in religion and ideology, her only thought in life would be about surviving. …show more content…
The book mother courage conceives that War is just “continuation of business by other means”, as mother courage lives of war as small business woman with her wagon .The minor characters Chaplain, Cook and Yvette Pottier are the ones who take part in mother courage’s small business. Chaplain in mother courage plays role of being a “feedbag” for mother courage, the chaplain is a person who is faithful to the Swedish monarchy. The cook is Peter the puff, who firstly was the cook for the Swedish general, and later becomes mother courage’s soul mate. The other minor character Yvette Pottier also lives off war being a camp prostitute. Yvette pottier personality completely switches during the play from the friend to manipulative prostitute to a business woman. The author’s purpose of writing the play is to portray that in war time “you need a big pair of scissors in order to get you …show more content…
His strength of character not to surrender and by the enthusiasm, with which he deals with the capon, amuses mother courage because he is exactly the same as mother courage. When the Swedish Cook catches up to them and he has nowhere to go, mother courage give him an opportunity to travel with mother courage in terms that he would work for shelter. This proves that she does make use of any opportunity that could help her business.
Cook is always over affectionate when it comes to business, In scene 8 it is evident that the proximity between cook and mother courage have become close over time and that they share a understanding between them and this is the first time that the Cook’s invited to share the inn is first and foremost a business arrangement, though the perception of affection and companionship has never been propounded by the Cook and this is left unspoken, despite the fact that there is respect that he shows to courage, his business head rules his heart and he wouldn’t change his

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