Essay on Minimum Wage Should Be Increased

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In 1938, the minimum wage was established as part of the fair Labor Standard Act. Over time, of infrequent and inadequate adjustment the minimum wage, no longer serves as an adequate wage floor.
One of the most controversial issues in the U.S. is if minimum wage should be increased to $15 or not. People believe that if minimum wage was increased it would help out with day to day living. Then you have others to believe and understand the effects that it would have on the U.S. I believe that minimum wage should not be increased to the amount of $15 due to the effects it would have on education, prices, and poverty.
Education is said to be the key to a successful and less stressful life. Education is a key source to help determine the compensation that is deserved in a position. Even though, it is said that if minimum wage was increased it would give employees time to actually attend school physically and it would be less of a hassle getting a higher education. In 2002, it was determined that the percent of students attending college had dropped to an all time low. Many studies have shown that people tend not to attend college because they are low on funds or are in need of money more than education to survive on a day to day basis. It is now determined that the lower the minimum wage, the more eager a minimum wage worker would be attending college at night to improve their skills and reach for a higher paying job/position. Raising the minimum wage to $15 increases the risk…

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