Milton Friedman 's Philosophy On Social Responsibility Essay

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Milton Friedman was a man who believed businesses had one sole purpose, make money. that socially responsibility was a reason for free trade necessity and order. In order to freely trade we need a reason too and that would be where outsourcing comes into play. Friedman was a strongly felt man about the needs of society and the needs of the business. While also acknowledging this need, he is also in favor of the benefits of society at large without the benefits to shareholders. Friedman’s exposition is that in order to be good people we must do things that are morally correct and not cheat the shareholders. In the 1970’s Friedman discussed his knowledge on the social responsibility of businesses. He said that the main purpose in business is to use their resources and funds in order to make as much money as possible. Businessman also have a social responsibility to society where they need to do the right thing while also making profits. For example, if a business makes pollution emissions lower than the amount required by law and what is needed from their budget in order to make a social stand point, it is not socially responsible. The point is that doing things for the reason of the public and what looks good is not what should be done. Friedman’s argument is that since people invest for one primary resource, to make money. The corporate executive is an employee to that shareholder and should continue making as much money as possible within the limits of…

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