Unemployment In The United States Essay

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Unemployment in the United States is a serious problem that continues to grow due to a number of reasons. The first major cause is due to job out sourcing overseas, particularly China where the labor costs are extremely low. The next big reason for unemployment in the U.S. is because of the high taxes which rank close to the worst of any country in the world. (A. Krulick, Debt.org) Two of the major financial indicators associated with unemployment are homelessness and starvation. These financial indicators have a significant effect on personal indicators such as marital issues and depression which are unfortunately are experienced by many who suffer from long term unemployment.
One issue that is always a hot topic in any political arena
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The powers that be of any large corporation see this as an opportunity to capitalize on the cheap wages and lower operating costs often found in other countries. While many of the hierarchy benefit from the huge profiting that occurs, they apparently don’t give much thought to the long term affect it has on the work force here in the United States. Deception plays a huge role in maintaining the reputation of many big name businesses which employ a fifth of all American workers. Unbeknownst to many these companies have decreased the employment force here at home by roughly 2.9 million, yet hiring 2.4 million overseas. (A. Lach, July …show more content…
The first is that if marriage is already in turmoil, then the sudden unexpected loss of a job is just the straw that breaks the camel’s back, metaphorically speaking. Second, is the stress that comes as a result of the unemployment, that fuels arguments between spouses regarding bills, job search status, etc. And last is the blow the job loss takes on societal expectations, which compounded with the other two reasons makes the toll unbearable for many couples. (Divorced Guys LLC, Dec 2012) Marriages that can withstand the tolls of unemployment definitely serve as a testament of

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