Social Equity Liberalism

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that markets free of restrictions and barriers are most productive. Peters writes that the most significant threat to individual freedom, from the neoliberal perspective, is the government. Also that it is the role of the government to facilitate an uninhibited place for the individual economic participation (pp. 64). The other dominant model that Peters identifies is Social Equity Liberalism (SEL). This model also accepts neoclassical economics as the primary and most efficient method method of stimulating social change. SEL assumes that it is the responsibility of the parts of the government to provide social supports for its most marginalized citizens. The “epistemological vantage point” of this viewpoint is also largely from the global …show more content…
The main goals that governments should provide support against the boom and bust of the market economy and those governments should invest in Public works to provide a “social safety net” (pp.77). Keynesianism criticizes the neoliberal economic measure of success, Gross National Product (GNP). The SEL model believes that GNP is not an accuate measure of a countries success because it leaves out social indicators. The SEL model instead uses the Human Development Index (HDI), which measures indicators of longevity, education, and income per head (pp. 79). This model largely sees development as improving the standard living of everyone based on the ideals of the global …show more content…
The Telos of the SEL model is progress. Peters writes that the idea of progress is rooted in the enlightenment belief that life can get better and should (pp. 92). This involves not just economic progress but also social, spiritual, and physical well being of all people, in particular the poor. Peters regards the idea of progress in the SEL model as synonymous to a transition to a “developed” world lifestyle. The SEL model defines human flourishing as equity in the distribution of wealth. This is achieved through regulation of the market in order to promote fairness and justice (pp. 74). This model acknowledges the need to improve structures of government and the conditions of globalization in order for this to work (pp.

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