Milton Friedman 's Market Competition Essay examples

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I disagree with Milton Friedman that market competition is the surest way to improve the quality and promote innovation in education. I think most public schools do a good job of educating children and they have for a really long time. My mom teaches at an elementary school in my hometown. It is an A school and delivers a better education than many of the private schools in my area. I am aware that this is not the case with all public schools, I know some are horrible my mom has worked at some of those schools. She was brought in to teach at an F school and her work in the English department brought it to a B. This is what should happen when schools are not doing well, we should fix them not just walk away altogether. I have been exposed to the best and worst of public education hearing my mom’s complaints over the years. I do not believe though that private schools are the answer. I think a better solution is choice schools. This is already in place and it allows students from poor areas to choose to go to schools in better areas. Multiple states use the voucher system today but there are irrefutable issues with the system. Per the Center on Education’s Policy students attending private schools using the voucher system performed the same on math and reading when compared to public school students. If students are doing better in some private schools it is largely because they have resources and support from their families that many public school students do not have.…

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