Millennials Plummeting Essay

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Marriage in Millennials Plummeting The issue of whether Millennials are making the right decision in marrying later or even at all, has been widely debated nationally. The concept of marriage is an important and unresolved issue, as it does concern the future of the current generation, Millennials. Older generations, such as The Baby Boomers have opposing ideals about the young generation. They feel as though Millennials are only destroying everything that was created when they were young adults themselves. Millennials seem to have less of a notion of being married compared to older generations. For this reason, baby boomers—those born after World War II, see the current generation as immature and irresponsible for choosing to marry later or not …show more content…
Most Millennials believe that finding Mr(s). Perfect is a myth. This generation does not see the need in wasting valuable time in searching for a perfect match. Generation Y is often considered goal driven. Therefore, having goals in mind often makes Millennials forget to include their partners into the equation. In the article, “Generational Differences in Work Values: A Study of Hospitality Management” Po-Ju Chen and Youngsoo Choi reiterate the importance of personal goals, “Individuals view their personal values in a hierarchical order of relative importance and personal values are the evaluative factors in individuals’ goal pursuits” (Chen 596). Millennials follow these personal goals to measure progress and grow as a person. In consequence, having goals has the effect of being too focused on an achievement willing to be pursued rather than focusing on a partner. Paying full attention to ones’ needs and growing as an independent Millennial leads to life satisfaction and a greater sense of well-being. This can lead to self confidence levels being high and living a successful life, without being

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