Essay about Military Influence On Adult Education

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Chapter 24 – Military Contributions to Adult Education

This chapter provides a brief glimpse of how supported military education has expanded access to adult education and been a catalyst for educational and social transformation while also examining current practices and challenges. (Kasworth, Rose, and Ross-Gordon, 2010)
Previously viewed as an asset to a prosperous society, Adult Education access was limited. While adult education is more available today, adult education providers continuously strive to broaden accessibility. The military has contributed significantly to reducing the gap between the “haves and the “have-nots by focusing on literacy education. (p.264)
Originally, military education was about improving soldier morale, as opposed to adult education. The purpose was to assist “illiterate” soldiers with skills to read their bibles. Thus, Wilds notes (1938) during the Revolutionary War; chaplains were tasked with providing academic instruction for illiterate convalescing soldiers at Valley Forge (p. 264). The Navy employed teachers and schoolmasters to teach reading and writing to a seaman by the end of the 18th century (Langley, 1967). As military leaders became increasingly aware of its centrality to effective battlefield communication and meeting the new demands for increased technical skills, the role, and scope of literacy efforts increased (Weinart, 1979). As noted by Blassingame, 1965), Adult Education continued during the Civil War, as Union…

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