Migration Factors

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Migration is the movement of local people from the local area to another place with different purpose. Migration has happen throughout human history. The beginning of moving was occur with the first human group of the origin in East Africa of their current local in nowadays. Migration can show us in 8 types; Internal migration, External migration, Immigration, Emigration, Population transfer, Impelled migration (reluctant), Step migration and Chain migration.
People have many different reasons for moving. These reasons can be classified as economic migration, social migration, political migration and environment. For economic reason, there move to find a better work. Social reason, people move to somewhere to find a better quality of life or
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This will show the labour market of each part of the world and have abundant people moving to another countries for find a better chance to work. When many people migration to the big city for working, so it will have competition in the labor market. But it will good for factories and also good for workers because factories have more choice to choose a best quality of worker to work for do the best things for them, and worker always have to improve their working skill because labour market always growth up and also have young migration that have a better education than nearing retirement. Not only local resources, but also lobour is as a dynamic for changing economy. In term of economic growth, labour is also the one factor that can push the economic. When lobour have a skill, so they can produce a better quality and always develop the product for increase circulation of their factories. Not only competitions in labour market but also in economy market have competition between …show more content…
When they migrate to the big city or somewhere that have a better quality of life, worker can see a lot of development in that place, so they have to develop their own self for fit in that area. If they do not have enough skill for working, they would be unemployed, and that is not the purpose of why they have to migration. In the city, it will have more chance for worker, who wants to find a better chance to have a better life. And also in the city, they can be a potential employment. In the big city is a fertile land; it will have a better service provision, good food suppliers and greater wealth or affluence. Moreover, worker can send the money to help family and worker can go back to their village with a potential skill, and they can start up a little business that can make their own life

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