Illegal Immigrants Essay

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Introduction Did you know unauthorized illegal immigrants make up 5.1% of the U.S. labor work force?
People are arguing that illegal immigrants come over here to take American jobs and commit nothing but crimes. However in the research that I have found out that that is all a lie so people will hate illegal immigrants. Not all of the illegal immigrants are criminals most are law abiding citizens in search for work and a better life.
I am going to argue not all illegal immigrants should be deported with the following points; there is no evidence for taking jobs, they need the work, why they migrate to the U.S. Body
There is no evidence that they’re taking jobs.
“America 's current unemployment rate of nearly 9 percent has nothing to do with immigration. The rate
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because they live in poverty and so do their families".
Analysis of Quote Tons of immigrants live in poverty. Immigrants are hard workers and are willing to do anything to provide for their families.
Transition many immigrants come to the united states to have more religious freedom.
1."Some people change their place of living due to political freedom". Topic sentence In order to serve what they want to they have to be willing to sacrifce their own needs.
Introduction of Quote immigrants change their way of life for freedom
“Some people change their place of living due to political freedom”
Analysis of Quote Due to not enough freedom immigrants search for a better life.They wont to be able to express themselves without to much authority.
Transition Immigrants migrate to give their families better life.
1."There are cases when immigrants migrate to the U.S. To reunite their families, to marry and build up new families or to start businesses" . Topic sentence immigrants move to the U.S. to reunite with families.
Introduction of Quote To many immigrants are migrating to the U.S. Many come to start their lives over

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