Personal Narrative: Challenges Faced By Immigrants

Many people come to the U.S in hope for a new life with more opportunities. My grandmother Adela left her home country Poland in hope that the U.S will offer a better life. All immigrants leave for a reason, many hopeful that their themselves and family will live a happier life. They all come somewhere new with their own story, their own experience that makes them unique. Along with many other immigrants who traveled to America in the 1980’s, my grandmother, Adela, was greatly impacted because she had to learn how to be independent in a new country, face the challenges and change her previous lifestyle.
A better life is what all people desire when they move. This may mean that they have to accustom to some of the different traditions that
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Although it may have been exciting for her to move to a new country she was very scared and nervous since she didn’t know anyone there. My grandmother chose to go to the United States because Poland at the time was very poor, barely any people had jobs, and once my grandmother heard about a lottery, she wanted to take her chance to prosper. "there was a lottery, and anyone from any country could try to get a green card or an american passport and be able to live in the US." (Personal interview, 2015). On her first try, she won the lottery and a few months after, she received her green card. A few other family members came to the U.S a few years later, but at the beginning my grandmother had no choice but to find other Polish people that could help her out as well as be around people that followed similar traditions to hers. Unfortunately, she didn’t have as many people to celebrate holidays with, "the trip overall was very stressful time in my life, i was all alone without any family" (Personal interview, 2015). My grandmother began to mix her Polish traditions with polish, slowly Americanizing her ways. When she first moved, she did not know what to expect and was not sure how it’s gonna be when she immigrates to the U.S. Everything was different in the U.S compared to Poland, especially culture wise. In a way, it was the complete opposite, my grandmother was used to having family very close and following a strict religion. Once she moved, she wasn’t close to her family since they were all in Europe. Since the U.S is a mixture of different nations, there are various kinds of religions which was bizarre to my grandmother and made it more difficult for my

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