Essay about Midwest Farm Supplies

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Midwest Farm Supplies

Background: • Began operations in 1931 • Provides farming supplies such as • Steady profits for 70years • Distribution centers: ➢ Ohio ➢ Indiana ➢ Illinois ➢ Iowa

Environment: • Competitors: ➢ Competitors are getting more computer literate

• Suppliers: ➢ Products sold by Midwest are manufactured by other companies but guided by the designs and specifications provided by Midwest.

• Customer: ➢ Prefers face to face dialogue with sales rep due to some limitations by phone conversation.

Firm as a system: • The management is organized and communicates well. • The management provides one week
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• Sales reps with home-based offices cost less than those of conventional employees in the offices spread across Iowa • Sale reps are competent since the management provides continuous learning and training on technical competencies of each

Weaknesses: • Cost for accessing company-wide applications are higher than the need to be • Current order entry application takes longer to run • The added communications needed to support the changes ends up with added expenses

Opportunities: • Customers already feel comfortable with the ordering system of the company • Midwest already established a good customer relation to their clients through face to face interaction of sales reps to their customers. • Sales reps of Midwest farm supplies are competent since their technical competencies are continuously being trained by the company thus they are confident in answering customer requirement and queries
• With Iowa being sparsely populated, distances between farms are greater and sales reps have to travel farther to service customers

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