Essay about Middle School Is Bad For Most People

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I don’t really know if there was ever a specific point that I realized all of my friends hated me because I think a part of me already knew. Middle school is usually bad for most people. Some people consider high school years the best years of your life, that is because I think that it is such an improvement from middle school. There is also not a specific reason that middle school is so terrible. It may be the discovery of highlights or black eyeliner or it may be the longing to be in high school. Or the start of puberty, usually when boys turn into bigger jerks, or it may just be the general despair from your most recent heartbreak but, in any case, middle school is just the worst. But for me, middle school was more than just the average unpleasantness, I was bullied by those who I trusted the most. I think that a part of me knew that I never fit in with group. They wanted me to come to their school so that I could be a part of the Fremont Middle School swim team. So, I open enrolled in the district and became involved in everything my friends were involved in. I joined the volleyball team, student council and the history club. Essentially, I became one of them. Despite the fact that we had uniforms, we even found a way to dress alike. We had our matching Abercrombie & Fitch lace sweaters. We had our Hollister khakis that fit perfectly over our muscular swimmer legs. We had matching American Eagle polos and even the same Uggs. I finally felt, for once, that I was a…

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