Microsoft Windows Vs. Windows Comparison Essay

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Comparisons of Operating Systems
The present market share shows that Microsoft is the most used operating system between Linux and Mac OS X. Microsoft Windows has a present market share of 58.99%, Linux has a share of 1.10%, and Mac OS X with 6.36%.
There are many issues that are constantly in debate regarding which operating system is best between Microsoft and Linux and Mac OS X. However, here are just a few of the reasons why Microsoft is the most used operating system.
Linux vs Windows Comparison
Microsoft Windows is more user friendly than Linux because there are a lot of codes and more complicated than the ease of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft users can more work done faster and with a lot more ease than Linux. It is known that when Microsoft Windows was designed it was done with keeping in mind that people may use the system that may have little to no training.
Windows commands a market share of around 90% while Linux is still hanging in the back ground at around 1%, even today. ( Due to its large user base, Microsoft Windows has a wide user base and supports a large number of software which provides its users an opportunity to select software programs as per their need – many of it being free software too. When the programmers developed the OS operating system they had to remember that many users actively operate on Microsoft Windows programs. Therefore they have to keep the audience and ease of…

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