Personal Narrative: My Favorite Class At Multnomah University

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This year being at Multnomah University I really enjoy being in both of your classes. I can remember the first day we met you told me that your class was going to be fun and it was. I know I didn’t really talked in your class a lot this semester at all but I still had fun in it and you thought me a lot of the past few months. This class actually been one of my favorite class at Multnomah. The things I learned in microeconomics I am for sure going to use them in life because they are helpful tips. The most memories I could take away from this class this semester was all the things that we learned any also how you were a cool teacher because some of the teachers that I had this year was too serious, but every time we were in your class you made show we had a good laugh and at the same …show more content…
I was working with my boss one day we were talking about what I wanted to do after college. I told him that I wanted to be a businessman or a sport trainer his answer to me was that I should just follow my dream and I should just work hard in life if I wanted to two things to happen. Another thing he also said to me was people in business will try to take advantage over you. What he was talking about is kind of true because I feel like some people try to take advantage over you after all the hard work you put in to come up with that business of yours. Example I can think of is shark tank they always try to give you little amount of money so they can have control over your own company. So to get back to what by boss was saying was don’t let people who didn’t see you put the hard work into your company try to take over even if they are giving you the most money. What I learned in the course this semester I can use in my business life when I am trying to have a trade with someone or if someone is trying to give me a rape of deal like the people on shark tank

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