Essay On The House On Mango Street

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The House on Mango Street is an amazing coming of age story about a young Mexican girl in a low-income Chicago neighborhood. The novel was written in the 1980’s by Sandra Cisneros (who will be explored further in the paper). The main Protagonist is named Esperanza. The story starts with Esperanza being happy about her family’s future, she is 12 and has just moved into her new house on Mango Street. The house actually does not live up to Esperanza’s expectations because it’s old and tiny. This creates motivation in Esperanza to move from Mango Street and buy a bigger, better house. The book explores Esperanza difficulties as a young woman growing and gives a perspective of all her neighbor’s struggles. Shortly after moving into the house, Esperanza becomes friends with two girls, Lucy and Rachel. The friends go on numerous adventures in the book. As the novel progresses, Esperanza learns more about herself then she ever thought she would. When Esperanza first attends her new school in her new neighborhood she is very upset and shamed about her family’s poverty and strong Hispanic name. Her dislike for Mango …show more content…
The House on Mango Street was one representation of the struggles that all minorities face. As an African American Man I was often blinded and caught up in my own race issues. This class and your teaching have showed me that we all need to work together to reach the goals we want to. When I say “all” I am referring to white people also. The “majority” helped create stereotypes but, we fuel their mindset by judging our kids to say their white or a Hispanic family discouraging their kids to marry a black. All the themes, lessons and knowledge that your class gave me, I just want to say thank you. This was a good way to end my undergrad career, it’s people like you that give me hope in the world. Thank you so

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