Micro and Macro Environment of Pleasure Bike Essay example

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Micro Environment;
It means the internal environment of the company and it is also called small environmental forces which directly or indirectly affected the company.
It has some forces which are discussed below

Cadbury dairy milk is a company which manufactures the products like chocolate. There are different departments in the company who collectively responsible to make the products.

Suppliers are those persons who provide the raw material to the company like cocoa and other supporting raw material there are also external suppliers who provide the finished goods to and create link between company and customers.

After making the finished products they create a link between company and
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In 2003 Cadbury’s made Dairy milk into super brand, bringing a number of different products under the name dairy milk branding for example dairy milk with bubbles.

Production of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate

Many of the newer Dairy Milk Varieties are now manufactured in the Republic of Ireland, France and Poland. Dairy milk Chocolate itself is also manufactured in France and these products are sold in the U.K and from U.K to all other countries.

Understand the Market place and Customer Needs
Cadbury dairy milk chocolate understands the new market which is targeted. First it selects the targeted customers like Kids, Youths and then made products according to their needs.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate made by company which offers to specific market, specific customers and also to all type of customers.
Marketplace also selected by Cadbury Dairy Milk according to customer needs and requirements.

Designing a Customer Driven Marketing Strategy
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Design such a strategy which is customer driven. I mean it target those markets which is profitable for the company. It includes production, product, selling and marketing concept.

Production concept;
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate is a product which is favorable by customers and affordable by customers and Cadbury also focused to improve the quality according to customers’ needs and requirements. And also improve the production and distribution like improve the transportation

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