The Three E's Analysis

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Chris Martenson explained, during the Accelerated Crash Course, how the economy and financial status of our country will continue to rapidly decline if we do not adress it now. Martenson also suggested that everyone should always be prepared for times like these. He expounded on the Three E’s which are important topics we should focus on to save the economy from deteriorating. The Three E’s include the economy, energy, and environment and all three criteria should be thought of in the same sense with one fundamental force: Mathematics.
The economic sector depends on four functioning areas which exponential growth, global credit collapse, aging population, and the national failure to save. The energy segment includes peak cheap oil and the
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The monetary system was built with the sense that it will always be around, however that is probably not the case. Because of the recession in 2008, our economy has experienced financial struggles. Majority of citizens think there will be always be an endless supply of money; however, Martenson predicted that the money system cannot last forever. The video taught us that money is not a form of wealth. There are three types of wealth, which I never thought of until now, that include primary, secondary, and tertiary wealth. It is important to note that tertiary wealth would not be able to exist without the prior two—primary and secondary wealth. Throughout history, our country has seen deflation of money. I believe for our country to thrive we should have a happy medium between inflation and deflation. The balance of the two will keep the money flow in the economy at a more stable rate. As we know, our economy is always changing and I think we should take that into consideration as well. Debt is another topic we should take into consideration. There is debt all over the globe, within every country, and there is ultimately not a way completely wipe the debt clean. Instead countries should focus on the economic growth to solve the issue at …show more content…
The PESTEL model framework analyzes important external factors and allows executives to easily examine and evaluate trends which outside forces may affect your firm. The political environment deals with how the governmental structure effects an organization. I think the political environment is playing a strong role in our economy today. The government has the capability of establishing regulations upon firms that could potentially affect the overall success of their organization. Another component of the PESTEL model is the legal environment which can directly affect an organizations operations. Martenson encouraged every firm to incorporate policies and procedures to generate successful business

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