Michael Moore Bowling For Columbine

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Michael Moore is a writer, director, actor and political activist. He was born in Flint, Michigan on April 23, 1954. He started his career in print journalism and was briefly the editor of Mother Jones magazine. Moore uses satirical comedy to campaign for. issues firearm legislation, medical care, Bush ’s position on Irak war and major company closures. His first film, Roger & Me(1989), became the most successful American documentary of all time. .His main documentaries are Fahreneit (2004), Sicko (2007),Capitalism:love story (2009).His film Bowling for Columbine (2002), won an Oscar in 2002 and a prize in Cannes. Moore lives in Traverse City, Michigan.
We will analyse one of his most successful documentary film Bowling for Columbine in order
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Michael Moore explores the hidden side of the firearm heritage leading to limitless violence and paranoia. Psychosis fueled by the media and the politico-financier consortium that plays the fear to force the American citizen to consume more, to tremble more , to protect himself more within increasingly limited mini-ghettos. The melting pot exploded because the fear of the other and perhaps never existed. A hilarious animated sequence done by the authors of South Park, which is a native of Littleton, offering a little glorious version of the American history absent of textbooks. The United States was built on the fear of others: fear of Indians, fear of freed slaves, fear of everything that is not white. The American media still refer to the same scapegoats: the violence of Hollywood films, and the so-called destructive anarchism of musicians such as Marilyn Manson. Michael Moore demonstrates the ambiguities of a system, denounces the media thirsting for various facts. Reporting on insecurity increase on television with always the same stereotype of the young aimless black attacking the honest white worker. Fear sells, the fear away from the real problems. It is much simpler to shoot further and investigate the financial scandals. Filming a various sordid fact is profitable and does not call into question the advertising budget. Michael Moore shows this impact of paranoid television in a hilarious stopover in the Canada. Canadians also have firearms at home but do not use them In a large Canadian city located across from Detroit on a shore of Lake Michigan, the last gun crime was committed by one... American. The explanation is simple: Canadian television does not take advantage of each fact to increase its

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