Michael Jord An Nba Icon And A Legend Essay

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Michael Jordan was an NBA icon and a legend that set the standard for many years to come. Jordan is arguably one of the all time greatest players to ever play the sport of basketball. When young people learn his background story about how as a freshman he didn 't make his high school basketball team it will serve as a motivation for them not to give up.
Michael Jordan was a unique child, who loved to be mischievous. His father once said that when he was little he would always do the opposite of what ha said. When he was young, one incident almost ended his basketball career before it ever even started. Jordan had been told over and over not to touch his father’s axe. When he was five years old he picked up the axe when no one was looking and swung at a piece of wood. The only problem, was that he missed the wood and chopped off half of his big toe ( Lovitt 7). When Michael was a child he excelled at baseball, he pitched two no hitters in Little League Baseball, which is something that hardly no one ever does. As Michael grew up he started to like basketball a lot more than he did baseball. He played basketball every day in his backyard against his brother. They played so much that other neighborhood kids would come over and join in the pick up games (Lovitt 16). As a junior in high school he grew to six foot three inches and his high school coach picked him up everyday at 6:00 in the morning to practice his skills. During the summer of his junior year his coach got him into…

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