Mice And Men Loneliness

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The theme that is most prominent in Of Mice and Men is: Loneliness affects everyone. Throughout the book the characters express their loneliness in different ways, some of them in more indiscreet manners. An example of some of these characters are: Lennie, George, and Candy. Each of these characters experience a different type a loneliness that contribute to the theme. Lennie’s is a kind of clueless isolation, george’s is a voluntary loneliness, and candy’s is involuntary. Lennie is one of the main character in Of Mice and Men, he is a big guy who doesn’t know his strength and has some mental disabilities. This disability is what keeps him in a form of isolation. He does understand what is going on but he forgets easily and is childlike …show more content…
He is an old swapper who works on the ranch Lennie and George come to work at in the beginning of the book. He befriends George during the book and eventually asks if he can join George and Lennie on the farm they are talking about buying. During conversation Candy says “I’d make a will an’ leave my share to you guys in case i kick off, ‘cause i ain't got no relatives or nothing”(steinbeck 59) Proving that he is entirely alone in this world. The only thing that Candy had to count on was his dog that he has raised since it was a puppy, but the dog was shot during George and Lennie’s stay at the ranch. Candy has truly lost everything he cared about in the world, one of his hands included. He just wanted somewhere to belong in the world and he saw a chance when he overheard Lennie and George talking about their dreams of a farm. Candy just didn't want to be alone, just like everyone else in the world. Every single character in Of Mice and Men has some element of isolation in their storyline. Lennie, George, and Candy are just three samples of the many examples of loneliness in this wonderful book. Loneliness is an horrible emotion that everyone has to feel in their lives, John Steinbeck does an amazing job of illustrating the fact that no one is immune to loneliness. Which is an important lesson for people to learn, that even when you are lonely you are never actually alone because someone else likely feeling the same

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