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Discussion Questions 1. Evaluate this situation from the view point of David Edmondson’s ethical leadership. What could Radio Shack have done differently? In this world some people want money and power. To gain these two things often people choose the wrong ways. David Edmondson is one of them, because he cheated on his resume. David Edmondson is a fraud that means he is not an ethical leader at all. Because of Edmondson’s cheating his company RadioShack faced losses, so he didn’t do ethical leadership in his workplace. If a manager cheats, lies, steals, manipulates, take advantages of situations, or treat others unfairly that is not an ethical behavior. That is called unethical behavior. We can see
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If the Edmondson didn’t lie on his resume then that decision could not be tough for him, however, he is a liar, so I don’t think that decision was tough for him. Mr. Roberts describes this decision as such, because it may harm Radio Shack’s reputation. Also, maybe company will face more losses if they flash out this thing, that’s why Len Roberts described this decision as such. 4. What impact do you think the company’s severance package to Mr. Edmondson’s might have? The severance package that Mr. Edmondson’s got while he was a CEO, it was his working compensation. No matter how he cheats with company, but radio shack has done their job properly. The company didn’t cheat with Mr. Edmondson. Radio shack gives Mr. Edmondson’s more than $1.03 million dollars and so many facilities. So we can say that radio shack did their job ethically. 5. Could an organization ever prevent a situation like this from happening? Why or why not? What could they do? How could the company’s code of ethics play a role?

MGT 615 Radio Shack Case Page 4 of 5 An organization will prevent this kind of situation if they adopt the company’s code of ethics. According to the text, “Code of ethics is a formal statement of an organization’s primary values and the ethical rules it expects its employees to follow.” If an organization manager knows what a code of ethics is then before doing any wrong thing they will think what they are going to do, but if they don’t know what is code of ethics then it is

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