Essay on MGT 4481 Chapter 1-2 Discussion Questions

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MGT 4481
March 29, 2012

Discussion Questions from Chapter 1 and 2

Chapter 1

1. Relate a hiring experience you have had as a job seeker to the process illustrated in Figure 1-1. What could the organization you applied to have done to improve your experience?

Many years ago I applied for a job I learned about by word of mouth. I was instructed to contact the supervisor of the position I was seeking in order to set up an interview. I interviewed with the supervisor, and met the qualifications he had for the job, and he told me he would contact me at a future date to formally offer the job. After a few weeks, I had heard nothing. I contacted the supervisor who conducted the interview, only to find out another applicant had
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At our company, the staffing model is quite simple, but it works. The company I currently work for likes to hire “from within”, as opposed to always looking outside of the company for potential employees. Our business is a sales and service business, and this model works for us because most, if not all, of our employees have both business and personal relationships with many of our clients/end users. Hiring from within has allowed our employees to grow within their job, acquiring basic knowledge and skills needed advance within the company. Retention is high at our organization, and many employees have been working in their present jobs for many years. If the CEO wanted to invest more in the staffing system, I would recommend he invest in both off-site and in-house training for all employees with more regularity. Although we have knowledgeable employees, factors such as business climate and technology are constantly changing. Investing in a training program for all employees, not only new hires or those being promoted would allow employees to possibly be more productive.

Chapter 2

1. What are the three most important ethical principles that you feel organizations should adhere to in terms of their staffing philosophies? Why?

An employer should be truthful, fair, and act with integrity towards its potential and current employees. All three principles coexist together,

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