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Evolving Corporate Culture Report

Evolving Corporate Culture Report
Diversification of environment is the key to the growth in today's competitive global marketplace. No longer can America's organizations and corporations hide behind their lack of cultural intelligence. All organizations that seek global market relevancy means embracing diversity in elements such as how they perceive, think, act and innovate. Thus, they take into consideration all the factors that affect strategic planning and management.
Corporate management is the process of leading, administrating and directing a company. Business tasks often performed by corporate management might include strategic planning, and managing company resources and applying them with a
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1. How global mindset of a manager affects the outcome of change management;
Managers with global mindset have the skills and charisma necessary to influence diverse people across culture and succeed in a complex global environment. In today’s work environment, there is the need for more cooperation, collaboration, and cross-cultural understanding to increase global and competitive in nature. Many significant changes have altered the way organizations and companies operate the business.
Evans, Pucik, and Barsoux (2002) defines global mindset as ‘'a set of attitudes that make individuals adopt constructively with competing priories. For example, global versus local priories rather than advocating one dimension at the expense of others. One of the key global mindset concepts is the ability to accept and work with cultural diversity.
The global mindset of a manager entails; broad and multiple perspectives, isolating contradictions while balancing processes, teamwork and diversity, change as an opportunity and open to what is now. Thus, manager has to exhibit characteristics such as knowledge, conceptual ability, flexibility, sensitivity, judgment, and learning.
The global mindset helps to differentiate between expatriates and global managers. Expatriates are defined by locations while global managers by their state of mind and ability to work across cross-cultural boundaries (Evans et al., 2002). The global mindset of a manager affect the outcomes

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