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MGT 411 Entire Course Latest Version MGT 411 Week 1 Creativity and Innovation Table Creativity and Innovation Table Complete the Creativity and Innovation Table located in the Materials section in Week One. Describe creativity, innovation, and the rules of innovation in your own words. Include the following in your response: One real-life management example of using creative intelligence One real-life management example of innovation All of the rules
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What steps did you take to solve the problem? What was the outcome? Is there anything you might have changed about your problem-solving process?
Leadership, engagement, extension, and alignment are four key issues related to implementation. Which of the key implementation issues do you feel is most important? Which is least important? Explain your answers.
Learning Team Reflection Week Three
MGT 411 Week 3 Innovation Planning and Design
MGT 411 Learning Team Reflection Week Three

MGT 411 Week 4 DQS What are two advantages of merger or acquisition? What are two disadvantages of merger or acquisition? List two examples or situations when merger or acquisition would be more beneficial to a company than developing technology internally.
What are the key issues that must be considered when implementing externally obtained technology? Do these issues differ from implementing internal technology? Why or why not? MGT 411 Week 4 Innovative Technology Worksheet
MGT 411 Week 4 Organizational Ecosystem Case Study

MGT 411 Week 5 DQS What is the role of leadership in a creative and innovative culture? What tasks and qualities must leaders focus on to create and maintain an innovative culture? How might a leader generate employee motivation to maintain creativity during times of organizational change? What are two effective

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