Methods Of Persuasion In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Methods of persuasion throughout the history of humanity have arisen from the human desires to manipulate others. The various formats of calculated advertisement, however, evoke different parts of the mortal psyche. In the attempt to control others outlook, such as in the instance in George Orwell’s Animal Farm of Snowball gathering support for his windmill, or Snowball trying to persuade the overthrow of Animal Farm’s current state under Napoleon, many techniques may be used. Although all propaganda is based upon playing upon intrinsic desires and perceptions, the methodology of persuasion, such as a visual poster or multimedia commercials, result in key discrepancies in the audience response.
Our poster persuades the animals within George
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Fear in the poster is illustrated through the horrid image of life under the regime of Napoleon. His abuse and exploitation of animals engenders thoughts of terror towards him and his policies. This effectively turns Squealer’s tactic against him by portraying Napoleon with more humanistic qualities. The persuasiveness of revolution comes when Snowball crash lands and squishes Napoleon to allow for the transition into a world filled with food, play, and education. Fear entices viewers to consult the reality of the current situation in much the same way Old Major rouses revolution when Mr. Jones still owned the farm, Lastly, plain folks is incorporated within the depiction through the suffering of daily life while Napoleon is still dictator. The innocence of the animals are purposefully designed to utilize pathos in relating to the common farm animal. This technique of plain folks is then brought to positive light when Snowball arrives bringing about peaceful activities for the numerous families of animals. Mothers are satisfied, animals are educated, and the vegetation is …show more content…
Propaganda expands the opinion of the common society and can develop further interest or support towards a cause. On the contrary, it can create negative perspectives. By using printed propaganda, the simplicity can demonstrate the direct rationale of the concept being advertised. In addition, using print media is an easy medium of advertising or spreading awareness within a region. Print media is often more accessible to audiences because it does not require any televisions or technological mediums that some people lack. Despite the pros, there still remains many cons in the effectiveness of these forms of media. Print media is a strong source of news, but it can only be advertised in specific regions, since the internet is more effective in terms of getting attention of certain audiences. Furthermore, propaganda can be very useful for specific target audiences, and print media may not be available to the appropriate viewers when necessary due to an increasingly fast paced society and a more technology focused population. Multimedia propaganda commercial allows for global influence in advertising a product. Furthermore, commercials cost a respectable and reasonable amount which allows advertising to be run without financial conflicts. Although these are the possibilities within the multitude, many people do not

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