Metasploit Vulnerability Scanner Executive Proposal Essay

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Metasploit Vulnerability Scanner
Executive Proposal
Paul Dubuque

Table of Contents
Page 3 Executive Summary
Page 5 Background Information
Page 6 Recommended Product
Page 7 Product Capabilities
Page 10 Cost and Training
Page 11 References
Page 13 Product Reviews

Executive Summary
To: Advanced Research Corporation
Mr. J. Smith, CEO; Ms. S. Long, V.P.
Mr. W Donaldson, CCO; Mr. A. Gramer, CCO & Mr. B. Schuler, CFO
CC. Ms. K. Young, MR. G. Holdsoth
From: P. Dubuque, IT Manager

Advance Research Corporation (ARC) has grown rapidly during the last five years and has been very successful in developing new and innovative devices and medicines for the health care industry. ARC has expanded to two locations, New York, NY
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Loss of IP would cause grave harm to ARC financially, harm its reputation and future business potential. Given that reports of information security breaches have become very common in the news today it is not a question of if ARC will be attacked again, it is only a question of when and what can be done to mitigate the risks of another successful attack.
Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC, 2015) reports that its annual survey of information technology (IT), security and business executives found that “the total number of security incidents detected by respondents climbed to 42.8 million this year, an increase of 48% over 2013” (PwC , 2015 p7) and 2014 saw a 19% increase from2013 (PwC, 2015 p16). Walters says that the average annual cost of a cyber-attack to a technology company that succeeds is $14.5 million (Walters, 2014). PwC’s survey revealed that many security incidents may be going undetected because cyber-criminals are using advanced attack methods. There is also concern that information security spending has decreased (PwC, 2015 p8). Currently, ARC’s network and information security has been limited to the firewalls and routers in the network. With over 2000 desktop computers and 73 web, mail and database servers located in Reston, VA and New York City, ARC’s network requires more protection in order to secure

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