Metamemory Essay

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Students who implement appropriate learning strategies in academic tasks are able to identify their learning goals and work more effectively than those who do not employ learning strategies (Harrison, Andrews, & Saklofske, 2003). For instance, use of cognitive strategies, such as organizing and rehearsing, was reported to have significant positive correlations with the math achievement (Eshel & Kohavi, 2003). For this reason, it is crucial for both students and teachers to understand how individuals at various ages think about themselves and perceive processes to plan teaching material accordingly and to better assist students in achieving their potential in the classroom using the most effective strategies.

Previous research shows that young children do not fully understand the meaning and implications of the experience that occurs whenever one has the feeling that something is hard to recognize, comprehend or remember (Flavell 1988). This could be linked particularly to Vygotsky’s idea of private speech, where young children are unable to use inner language to monitor their operation (Vygotsky 1978). Supportive of this, research conducted by Pressley (1995) suggests that this may be the result of children experiencing difficulties in seeing themselves as an active agent in their own cognitive activity. On the

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