Metal Fabrication Essay

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Fabrication is when a thing is manipulated into something else. The most useful type of fabricating is and most likely always will be metal fabrication. Metal has been fabricated even before man has discovered how to write. It wasn’t long after metal was discovered that man had to find a way to manipulate its strong structure. Welding plays a big part in metal fabrication. Welding is the use of various fusion processes to repair or create metal structures by joining metal together. Extreme heat temperatures are used to weld the materials. Generally using open flame, electric arc or laser light. In the 1800’s major breakthroughs in welding were made. The use of open flame welding (acetylene) was a big milestone in the history of welding since …show more content…
Fabrication techniques with raw materials involve lathing, welding, grinding milling, broaching, and honing. “Before starting a metal fabrication process, it is very helpful to know what kind of materials are available and appropriate for the task at hand” (Hyde). Casting is a fabrication process that has been used for over 6,000 years. Casting involves forcing liquid metal into molds and letting it cool and harden into the desired shape the blueprints instruct. Melting metal into a liquid is an ideal choice for structures that require complex geometries. The raw materials used are typically molten metal, but concrete, epoxies, and clay are also used. Other common metals used in the casting process are aluminum, iron, steel, stainless steel, gold, silver, copper, and …show more content…
They are commonly used in construction industries and engineering. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) defines the physical and chemical make up of each type of metals. An I- beam is a long steel piece cross-section beam that resembles the shape of the letter I. Wide flange and H- beams are considered subsections of this category as well. Z- shape sectional metals resemble the letter Z, with a flange sticking out from opposite directions. Hollow structural sections are hollow piping and are made in different standardized shapes: square, circular, rectangular, and elliptical. They can also be angled, channeled, T-shaped or asymmetrical. Bar types of sectional shapes consist of a flat, long piece of rectangular cross-sectioned metal. Rods are long pieces of metal that are circular or square, rebar is an example of the rod sectional

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