Merging The Traditional And Modern Art Essay

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Merging the Traditional and the Modern Introduction
Throughout the history of art, a variety of artists made contributions in expanding the definition of art. Some dedicated their energy in a restrained way as a personal practice, some devoted their energy into fiercely challenging the society’s current aesthetic conventions. The two artists I am going to discuss in this essay are Marcel Duchamp and Gerhard Richter. Even though they lived in different time periods, they are both influential to modern art. They can be controversial for their particular artistic methods which are often being imitated but yet to be surpassed. Duchamp is a French artist lived from 1887 to 1968, a period when new forms of art was being continuously presented and causing drastic debates. He took part as an avant-garde artist who used pre-existing objects and elements instead of original products, recomposing them into a new piece which often had a humorous and sarcastic tone. These readymades were evolutionary as an art form, being able to invoke in the audience a sense of familiarity as well as alienation due to the dysfunctional combination. On the other hand, Richter is a German artist born in 1932 to present. In a world the definition of art expanded so rapidly that any forms of practice or work can be claimed as art on a personal perspective, he has adapted abstraction with traditional mediums to contemporary skills. He carried on with a perspective much similar to Duchamp’s in that he…

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