Front End Plan Essay

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3.1 Problem Statement
Numerous research studies have been conducted by the CII and also other FEP researchers with regards to the implementation and critical importance of front end planning in project success. But there are very few studies that provide quantifiable statistical data supporting FEP adoption. CII has published data analysis for FEP data which analyses the relationship between project PDRI scores and scope definition, and project cost, schedule and change performance. Even though the it is evident that projects that use FEP have seen considerable performance improvements, a direct correlation between the extent of effort in FEP during the early phases of the project and the project performance have yet to be investigated. Moreover, there is a gap in the existing body of knowledge regarding the study of FEP with regards to the different choices of delivery systems involved.

As reviewed in the extensive literature study, very few project delivery comparison studies have
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The research has tried to provide a statistical support to support FEP usage in complex industrial projects. By studying the correlation between the extent of FEP effort on project performance, the study hopes to encourage project participants to focus their effort in the earlier stages of the project for better definition of scope and eliminating unknowns. The research community has been provided with a comparative analysis of fast-track delivery systems and the traditional system by utilizing an extensive database of project information. This will enable project stakeholders to make evidence based choices with regards to the different delivery system options that are available to execute a project. Furthermore, the study aims to promote collaborative delivery systems which can better utilize FEP concepts for implementation in large scale, risky and complex

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