Essay on Mentoring Programs : An Effective Mentoring Program

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Literature Review 1.

Mentoring is becoming one of the most popular social interactions in the United States today, with an estimated 3 million youth in formal one on one relationship (Rhodes & DuBois 2006, pg 254). Youth mentoring is shown to help youth, especially those at risk in terms of education, problem behavior job readiness, reduction in substance abuse or other anti -social behavior. Most mentoring is community based, in contrast to school based, and most target at risk populations (Jekielek & Moore 2002, paragraph 6). Mentoring programs can help establish a positive relationship with at least one caring adult and youth. These relationships are the corner stone of an effective mentoring program. Even, though each piece of literature expresses the concerns on gaps in service and its lack of effectiveness on some mentoring outcomes. Effects of mentoring programs likewise typically have been small in magnitude, but they increase systematically with use of program practices likely to support relationship development (Rhodes & DuBois 2006, pg 254). With each literature, relationships are a key piece in promoting positive mentoring programming. But these relationships need to be successful through quality programming and training of mentors. Creating positive relationships between mentor and mentee will allow for longer participation and better outcomes, in regards to education, behavior, social skills in youth development. To create the best outcomes for a…

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