Mental Model/Mindsets Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Personal experience: This is the most strong and essential force that affect mental model/mindset. When an employee has had a personal experience with the undertaking, the more the mindset will be huge on him. Vernon and Bud have being involved in handling perishable goods. This is the reason they held the idea of AAA continuing with the business. It is an easy task to convince new staffs to join on the new idea than it is to convince Vernon and Bud.

Reward: Rewards influence the mental mode and mindset people to work better where there is a reward at the end. The reward can be financial or non-financial reward. Non-financial reward could be promotion or appreciation. They always encourage people to continue supporting the change for the individual gains. Vernon and Bud refusal to accept the decision may be caused by lack of rewards.

Influence from other people: Mingling with people can influence the mental modes/mindsets. Human beings hold ways and beliefs of people who they interact with. When people hang around, they get their principles and beliefs. This principles and beliefs lead to a special mindset which is very hard to change. Vernon and Bud perhaps encountered with people who fear risk. The special mindset against risk taking drove them against the idea, having the conclusion that risk taking is not quite
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(Crook, 2006) It is important for a person to ensure that mindsets are significant on a growing environment. Vernon and Bud should be motivated to evaluate their mental modes and mindsets against change. They should learn that competition is good and healthy, thus shun their outdated mindsets of thinking.

Overcoming inhibitors to change. (Crook, 2006) There is always a hindrance that makes a person shift to his mindset. Mental modes and mindsets have been hard to turn around since peoples mind grasp them strongly. Vernon and Bud might be having major hurdles towards the mindsets. They should be assisted in conquering the issues and welcoming change.

The last step in this process of changing the mental modes and mindsets is changing to the new mental models/mindsets. (Crook, 2006) The new mental model should be implemented immediately. Vernon and Bud should switch to the new mindset. It is important to involve them on the change process for them to accept it fully. Incentives should be awarded to them after a show of hard work. This will adjust their stand about the new venture making it prosper

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