Essay on Mental Illness And Mental Health

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“Some 15 million young people in the United states have a psychiatric or learning disorder..” (Rosenthal and Koplewicz 8) Mental illness is a very common thing that can be treated with the proper care. With so many people struggling from day to day our mental health awareness and help for mental disorders still seem to be lacking. People that do not have access to health care and help tend to be the ones left behind. Therefore, people’s illness can have consequences due to their illnesses getting out of their control. Violence is a problem in our world today with the mental illness and its lack of proper care being a contributing factor.
As many healthcare professionals that work in the mental health field, there experience the tragedies that are raising issues they deal with daily and how to treat individuals personal mental illnesses. “I think mental illness needs to be focused on like every other disease, like cancer or heart disease. It should be

Cookinham2 viewed as a medical illness that can be treated”, Kortemeyer said(Pippin). In many mental health care facilities, the professionals don’t treat the patient’s mental illness as a treatable disease. Many people may not want to get the help they need because of what people may think about mental illnesses. “Stigma can keep many from seeking medical treatment”(Pippin). The stigma in our country is that mental illness is just something someone can quickly get over like the flu. According to Anna Quindlen “They are…

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