Essay on Mental Health Unit I And Mentally Ill And Youthful Offenders

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We had an opportunity to tour the facility where our fellow classmates are serving their sentence. Joseph Harp Correctional Center is a medium security facility that houses a total of about 1,400 offenders. It is the largest medium security facility in the state. This facility is full of diverse groups of individuals. It houses a variety of offenders like the mentally ill and youthful offenders. On our tour we visited the mental health units, juvenile unit, geriatric unit, and a general population unit. The first unit we visited was the mental health unit. This unit is broken into two different sections: Mental Health Unit I and Mental Health Unit II. Mental Health Unit I is the strictest level in the mental units. It is for those individuals who refuse to take their medication and cause problem in general population. They do not have anything in their rooms. The inmates are given a paper jumpsuit to wear. These inmates are given sack lunches, so they cannot use the tray to harm themselves. They are monitored 24/7 and are on lockdown for twenty-three hours a day. The inmates are given an hour for recreation. As we walked into this pod it had an awful smell that kind of smacked you in the face. It was also loud, because one of the guys saw us through his window in his cell door and decided it would be a great time to yell at us and bang on the door. The Mental Health Unit II is more relaxed than unit I. It is considered a transition unit from mental unit to general…

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