Essay on Mental Health Problems Among Students

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The article from College Quarterly, entitled “A Suffering Generation: Six factors Contributing to the Mental Health crisis in North America,” details the struggles students in higher education institutions are facing today, and the major contributors for mental health problems among these students. The author details the review of literature from previous research studies in this field, noting the increase in the number of students seeking out psychological care while in college, as well as the issues forming from lack of funding necessary to treat students for their unique mental health concerns. The result of more students needing support has driven many institutions to face “difficulty meeting staffing demands during peak times, staff burnout, decreased attention to students with less serious needs and the need to end cases prematurely [because their centers are] underfunded and understaffed (2013, Flatt, p. 3). With more students coming in with complex issues, such as anxiety, depression, and other serious health problems, the author determines the immediate need for more funding so these students’ needs are met.
The article sheds light on the six main factors which contribute to student mental health issues in college, including: academic pressure, financial burden, increased accessibility of higher education, increased female to male ratio, use of technology, and dramatic change in the lifestyle of college students (p. 3). The millennial generation is the target of…

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