Mental Health Issues Among Depression And Anxiety Essay example

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The term mental health has many different connotations and many of these connotations give people who have mental health issues a bad rap. One example of a bad connotation is that many people associate mental health issues with people who have learning disabilities whether they have down syndrome or are just on a slower learning curve than most people. Most people who have mental health issues have them because of reasons unbeknownst to the people that surround them. There are times when friends of the people with mental health issues will never see the effects because many people who have mental health problems become experts at hiding the adverse effects that come as a result. A very important question when it comes to mental illnesses is what are they specifically? Some examples of mental problems include depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Most college and high school students that have mental issues have become subject to mainly depression and anxiety. Sometimes, people who are extremely depressed or anxious have trouble functioning in day to day activities. This becomes problematic when depressed or anxious people have to work or deal with school. This can only intensify their illness by making them stressed out because they have to juggle having a job and/or having to study and complete homework for school along with any extracurricular activities that could include a club or a sport. All of these stressors could allow the affected individual to…

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