Mens Fairness Cream Essay examples

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1) Introduction / aim / objective
2) Industry overview and competitive analysis
3) Segmentation and targeting
4) Differentiation
5) Positioning
6) Marketing mix and resource capabilities
7)Research design
a) Aim and objective....define the problem and outcome of research
b) Sampling design
c) Questionnaire design
d) Sources of secondary data
8) Discussion and analysis of research findings
9) Strategic recommendations and conclusions


- To study the current Indian market for fairness cream.

- To asses whether advertising is influencing the buying behavior of the consumer.

- To find out the brand
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Another advantage of such fairness creams is that they tend to clear dark spots, brighten the discolored, pigmented skin and are suitable for all skin types. They have to be used twice a day on face and neck after cleaning them with a face wash.

All the cosmetics companies have at least one fairness cream under their BRAND NAME. Although packing changes regularly, formulations remain the same. Starting from the most popular brand, Fair & Lovely plays as the market leader with oldest brand and highest customer base. There are two more variants added to its original brand. They are anti-marks and Ayurvedic range.

For that flawless look Ponds of HLL and Oil of Olay of P & G, quite openly challenge the seven-day test with a money-back guarantee. Shahnaz Herbal claims its product as herbal and best in its range. This product is economical in range as against the normal line of products at premium prices. For the last few years, Emami is selling its fairness cream for men. The product is a great success, especially in small towns and cities. As most of the Indians are very much bothered about their colour complexion the fairness creams enjoy very good market growth rate when compared with other related product categories

The fairness cream market in India is driven by not only growth in the women’s sector but also growth in the male grooming segment. Due to the rise in disposable income and enhanced awareness with the help of larger penetration of

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