Essay about Memories From The New York Times Article

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Are we too confident with our memories? Recalling memories is something that’s done on the daily, and is a very easy task to accomplish. We remember our last meal, what we did last weekend, and much more. Memories are recalled on our leisure and when they matter, like being an eyewitness to a crime. Regardless of what is being recalled the memory is firm; that is that the way the memory is remember is exactly the what it happened. For how much confidence we put in our memories our memories are not reliable.
Most people tend to think our memories are stored safely away inside our brains just like a safe folder on a computer, and we can pull up that memory exactly as we saved it. Although that would make everyday life easier that is simply not the case. The speaker from the New York Times article Why Our Memory Fails Us described the memory recalling process as the following, “Instead, we are effectively whispering a message from our past to our present, reconstructing it on the fly each time. We get a lot of details right, but when our memories change, we only “hear” the most recent version of the message, and we may assume that what we believe now is what we always believed” (Chabris, Simmons). In other words the brain has to retrieve pieces of the memory and rebuild it to the memory that is being recalled. Clearly there are a lot more steps that go into bring up a memory than just going to a folder titled Childhood Memoires. And since there are more steps there is a…

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