Members Of Congress Are Out Of Touch With People That Elect Them Discuss

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‘Members of congress are out of touch with people that elect them’ Discuss? It’s been argued ever since the constitution was made how in touch the congress members where with the people who elect them and this argument still goes on today. With the 425 members of the House each has a district which averages nearly 650,000 people, this is a vast number with many arguing that there is little chance that congress can be in touch with the people when they have to represent such vast numbers.

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These high cost of elections deters challengers and means that senators and representatives are beholden to donors rather than voters, which can often lead to them being less in touch with the people who they are meant to represent.

It can be argued that members of congress are out of touch with the people elect them; this can be clearly shown through the approval ratings of congress. The approval rating of congress in 2014 was around 14% this is clearly a very low figure and one that shows there is discontent amongst the public with the role of congress. When a congress member does not look after their constituency is can prove fatal to them. This was shown with Gilchrest and Wynn, both House members, they were defeated in 2008 congressional elections because they were seen to be out of touch from voters, they were accused of being too liberal and too conservative respectively. Senator Dole lost his re-election bid for not visiting his state enough, it was said they she had spent 13 days in North Carolina whilst visiting 12 other states. This shows how congress members are in fact out of touch with the people that elect them.
However it can be argued that this isn’t the case and the members of congress are in touch with the people that elect them. It’s argued that the ability of House members today to stay in touch with their constituencies is vital for the health of our democracy. In their system of government, the
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