The Use Of Symbolism In The Victim By Sharon Olds

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Sharon Olds Poetry Essay

Sharon Olds writes her poems in a way that establishes intimate connection with the reader and creates deep meanings, expressing her personal and emotional family life in her poems. Sharon Olds uses methods of literary techniques such as metaphor, repetition, alliteration, imagery and symbolism to convey meaning in her poems. Olds’s poems, "The victims" , "One Year", "The Race", and "The Daughter Goes to Camp" have different meanings that reflect on her life. Olds’s use of the literary techniques help the reader understand and connect to the poem making it easier to find the meaning.
In her poem “The Victim," Old uses different literary techniques to convey the message that every single family member suffers and
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The Repetition of “s” to describe the condition of the bums puts a huge emphasis on what her father is now going through and her sympathy towards her father. Olds as a young child never saw the whole picture due to her mother 's manipulation. Now she wanders about other people like her father who became a victim of divorce due to their own bad behavior. Olds asks “I wonder who took it and/ took it from them in silence/ until they had given it all away and had nothing/ left but this,”(23-26). Olds 's father’s cruel behavior made everything he valued be taken away and has no one to pity him. In the end he was also the victim, not just the mother and children.
In the poem "The daughter goes to camp," Sharon Olds gradually unfolds her emotional reaction to her daughter going to camp. Olds’s reaction to her first mother and daughter separation and her daughter gaining independence reflects on what every mother goes through, giving the meaning of the poem a mother bittersweet moments as their children grow. Olds uses descriptive imagery to express how much she quickly she already missing her
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In “The Victim,” these methods help find the meaning of the poem which is everyone in the family is the victim including the one causing suffering in the family. In “The Daughter Goes To Camp," Olds uses the different methods to slowly reveal her emotions on her daughter leaving and how hard it is to see once child grow and become independent. It focuses on reflection on motherhood and what a parent go through. In the poem “One Year Olds,” the methods help find the meaning of life will always go in and not to hold on to the dead. Lastly, the methods used in the poem "The Race," where Olds was rushing to see her father, help bring out the meaning of the poem which is the wanting to be next to the dying loved ones and the determination to make it there. Olds’s poems are also full of emotions that personal yet can be used to connect with others that have the same

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