Meeting Culture Abmart Essay

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Meeting Culture of Abmart Inc.

Organization Description

Abmart Inc. was started in 2007 by experienced life science entrepreneurs returned from overseas. With 220 employees, Abmart is one of the largest and fastest growing biotechnology companies in China with a 30,000 square feet facility consisting of production and animal facilities in Shanghai. Abmart’s goal is to enable every protein to have a standard set of monoclonal antibodies optimal for all possible applications. With SEAL™ technology, developed in 2011 and a scalable monoclonal antibody development process, Abmart will deliver even lower cost and faster discovery time for monoclonal antibodies to more than 1000 customers worldwide.

Meeting Style

There are basically
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* Group Dynamics

Though the CEO, Xu Meng, doesn’t want to pay attention to the group dynamics skills, but his managers will. They try to make the meetings efficient and productive by practice the methods like below: a) Ensure diversity in the group: Convene the people who have the most to contribute despite differing opinions and personalities. b) Begin dialogue in advance: Foster advanced discussion between attendees through virtual/physical connections allows meeting time to be spent more productively by allowing side conversations to occur pre-emptively. c) Identify in advance any points of resistance or controversy and those who would be most likely to cause it: Take these individuals aside prior to the meeting and address their concerns, allow them to be heard and then ask that when they voice their opinions during the session that they do it in a manner conducive to promoting discussion rather than inhibiting it. d) Often to mitigate undesirable behaviors introducing a tool or technology to allow everyone to express ideas and opinions anonymously can provide comfort and acknowledgement for the participants while preventing some destructive dialogue. e) Connect Attendees & Mitigate Impediments: Prepare discussion guidelines/tools to mitigate potential 'floor hogs' and pontificators. Choose a process that allows for independent thought versus Group Think.
Strengths and Weaknesses There is a meeting culture survey result

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