Medium Security Prison Case Study

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International Human Rights Law
Rukaya Moro
A Visit to Nsawam Medium Security Prison
The Ghana Prisons Service as established by the 1992 Constitution of Ghana is mandated to ensure the Safe Custody and Welfare of Prisoners and whenever practicable, undertake their Reformation and Rehabilitation. The Nsawam medium security prison established on the outskirts of the Nsawam Township is no exception to this mandate. The Medium Security Prison (Male) is the largest Prison in Ghana. Its construction started in 1956 and was officially opened on 10th October, 1960.
As a Medium Security Prison, it is reasonably secured so much that the question of a successful internal escape is almost unreal. Also worthy of note is that though the Prison’s ideal average
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This purpose can only be achieved if the period of imprisonment is used to ensure as far as possible, the reintegration of such persons into society upon their release. In order to make this possible, Rule 4(2) also states that prison administrations and other competent authorities should offer education, vocational training and work, as well as other forms of assistance that are appropriate and available, including those of a remedial, moral, spiritual, social and health- and sports-based nature. All such programmes, activities and services should be delivered in line with the individual treatment needs of prisoners. This is to assist the prisoners to develop skills and learn different forms of trade etc. that will help them to become good law abiding citizens that will make meaningful contributions to the country upon their release. Nsawam Medium Security Prison in bringing this rule into fruition has established several forms of apprenticeship such as carpentry, tailoring and educational centres that provide formal and informal education to help prisoners to reform, rehabilitate and also to develop skills that will enable them to make ends meet when released. Every detainee in prison has a right to freedom of religion. Nsawam Medium security prison also adheres to this rule by providing religious services for prisoners who belong to the two major religions in Ghana that is Christianity and Islam. This is also captured in Rule 65. Furthermore, there is a football field in the prison which is utilized by the prisoners for a specified period of time to engage in sporting activities such as

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