Medieval India and China Essay

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Running head: Medieval India and China Paper

Medieval India and China Paper
Mike Colson
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Global Civilizations 1400-1700
HIS 276
Mark Olick

Medieval India and China In the following paper I will discuss the key differences in medieval India and China. I will compare and contrast each society’s social, cultural, political, and religious climates. In addition, explaining the civilizations economic environment during medieval times. Finally, I will describe how the Turks and Mongols influenced these two civilizations. During medieval times, India’s social climate could be considered one of an idealistic civilization. From growing crops, to the teachings of higher forms of education, India was
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These empires or dynasties both had the common people or peasants as the lowest part of society. But China had more of a system that resulted from the civil authorities ultimately having control over all aspects of military actions. Taking more of an intellectual approach to common state relations, China saw issues during the Song dynasty in particular with the defense of its nation from outside attackers. India too, faced difficult opposition from outside invaders. But its system was based more on a system of various kings within the Gupta system to come together in a time of need or battle. The religious climates for India and China during medieval times were vastly different. India for example saw an emergence of religious traditions based in Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, and Buddhism. China on the other hand had their religious base set deeply in the Confucius and Buddhist belief system. India with its various types of religions in the region grew to become accommodation to different religions. Some religions in the area were even exempt from military service, and some had to pay special taxes. China had more of a movement that moved the common Buddhist belief system toward Confucian type thinking. Mostly consisting of high educated men, Confucius way of thinking was prominent. Buddhism on the other hand were more an old school way of thinking and we generally followed by the commoner within the region. The Economic environment in China initially was

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