Essay on Medicine During The Late Medieval Period

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Medicine started to become important during the late medieval period. Diseases such as stomachaches, illnesses, or even the Black Plague became rampant during the 14th and 15th centuries CE. With medicine as an important discipline, it was necessary to find qualified physicians who would treat those who are physically and spiritually plagued by such problems. While there were physicians available for treating patients, many were not purely devoted towards helping humanity. Flaws and sins of physicians contributed to a detrimental body and even soul. While physicians were qualified to help the affected, many physicians obstructed their role as medical saviors and they impacted patients’ balance and harmony of the soul. The maintenance of the soul is impaired when a physician’s greed overcomes his passion and devotion. One thing that physicians worried about was salaries and how much they were paid. Physicians believed that they played a critical role in medieval society that they should receive big pays. However, this would not always be the case. A physician is paid for the quality of the service. Physicians in reality received “a moderate salary. What is moderate is determined by the quality of the treatment, the labor, diligence, and conscientiousness of the physician, the means of the patient, and the custom of the region” (439). Pretty much, physicians receive with they earn, not what they want. However, this system can spur outrage among physicians and they would…

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