Summary: The Harmful Effects Of Marijuana

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Even though marijuana have a lot of beneficial effect, but there are still many people oppose it, because of it many harmful effect and how addicting they are. Because marijuana is so addictive, it really easy to abuse. In one statement of a health organization called pro-drug group:” they admitted that marijuana has a high potential for abuse and that abuse may lead to several psychological or physical independence” (Dudley 70). Dudley also argue that the use of marijuana effectiveness in treating physical maladies has been overblown, he give an example:” for the symptom of glaucoma, the proponent that claim pot smoking lower the eye of glaucoma patient is partially true, because of small pressure drop does occur in patient when using marijuana …show more content…
In page 632 of the article that wrote Deena and Judith, they found that marijuana could also have a harmful effect on human ability to drive, several of their study show that marijuana have the same effect as alcohol, both could increase the time that require to break and to start, driving is usually a task that need a lot of concentration, but in the research study that conduct by Casswell and Marks, they found that marijuana users have a hard time to …show more content…
The other harmful effect that marijuana causes to the human body is they could cause blood pressure to increase, and blood sugar slightly elevate. They also could make human urinary more frequently, and make dryness of mouth and throat as well as nausea, vomiting, and occasional diarrhea, but all of this effect is really depend on the personality of user and how many dose they use (Goode 49). When a person use a bigger dose of marijuana, they will feel extremely hallucinate, and these are often pleasant, but their coloring, or otherwise is really depend on the user personality than to specific drug effect, but even when a person use smaller dose, their behavior will become impulsive and random ideas will quickly translate it to speech; violent or aggressive behavior, however, this type of effect is not happen often compare to when a person used larger dose (Goode

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