Medical Technology And Ethical Issues By William E. Thompson And Joseph V.

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Rest in Peace?

Imagine you’re halfway around the world, being rushed into the emergency room, nobody knows anything about you besides the information on your id. You can’t move or speak, the doctor is observing you, trying to get a diagnostic. the medical staff take your id and begin to input your information on a computer, BOOM! The doctors immediately begin to administer lifesaving treatment. A couple hours later you wake up in a daze wondering what happen. The doctor sits down and begins to tell you that you had a severe allergic reaction and without the proper treatment you would’ve been done for, this was all possible with the help of one simple program, referred to as the RIP. Used worldwide, the RIP is a medical computer program that intakes patient data and disperses information to help doctors make informed decision when attempting to help or save a patient’s life. In the article “Medical Technology and Ethical Issues” the authors William E. Thompson and Joseph V. Hickey discuss the positives and negatives of the RIP.
The authors William E. Thompson and Joseph V. Hickey begin the selection “Medical Technology and Ethical Issues” by putting you in a scenario where you are being rushed to the emergency room. This sets the stage introducing the RIP while explaining the role it plays when pertaining to saving one’s life. Since the machine only administers probable treatment only to those who have more than five percent of a chance at survival, some argue…

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