Medical Marijuana And Medical Cannabis Essay

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Imagine you are very sick, and no treatment you have received so far will help you. One day you do research and find out there is a medicine that can treat your disease and quite possibly save your life, only to discover that this medicine is illegal to use in many places. This is a reality for many people, and the medicine they urgently need is marijuana. However, in the United States only twenty three states and the District of Columbia allow the medical use of marijuana, leaving many American people without the treatment they desperately need. Marijuana is a beneficial medicine with few side effects that should be used to effectively treat many diseases. Medical marijuana and medical cannabis can be defined as using the marijuana plant or any of its chemicals, classified as cannabinoids, for medical treatment. Cannabinoids are the chemicals in marijuana that give the plant its special properties. Cannabinoids affect the user by causing receptors in the brain to work differently than they normally would (“Learn About Marijuana”).
Although medical cannabis is a popular topic right now, medical marijuana isn’t a new idea. Marijuana has been used as a medicine by many cultures for thousands of years. The earliest record of cannabis used as a medicine comes from Chinese cultures as early as 2900 BC. Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Indian, and many other ancient cultures also used cannabis for medical various purposes (“Historical Timeline”).
Believe it or not, marijuana was also…

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