Organ Donation Ethics

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Medical science and technology have advanced far beyond people 's wildest dreams and imagination. So far so that an individual that has failing organs such as the kidneys or liver can begin the process of finding another one. The first successful organ transplant took place in 1954 in Boston between identical twins the Herrick brothers. One sibling received a kidney from the other this came to be known as the first transplant from a living donor. Supply and demand led to the growth of what became referred to as the black market for the organ trade and as well as human trafficking. The increase in organ harvesting puts no emphasis on the proper health care the individual health of the person whose organs are forcibly taken …show more content…
A physician is taught this day one in medical school it is a part of their core principles in the medical profession. Along with disregard to the individual 's health care in context to the location of the procedures in the treatment post and before the operation. A set of criteria a set of three standards to be a challenge the authenticity and the ethical standards that are brought on by the unethical practice of human trafficking involving organs.
Criteria one question an individual 's quest to buy or sell in organ review with them the standards and practices of the system of receiving an organ donation. Explained to that person that some bodies may contain diseases other properties that can affect long-term health if they receive a transplant without knowing proper information. Such as hepatitis and other infectious diseases and viruses. To quiet the argument that individuals will receive transplants faster if a person can purchase an organ.
Criteria two is trying to examine the morale of a surgeon and medical staff if they are willing to accept payment to extract healthy organs from individuals. Are ready to disregard Hippocratic Oath the disrespecting of medicine and the skills that it takes to be involved in the medical field at any
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It goes into great detail of the history of China 's human trafficking and organ harvesting. 110,000 organ transplants are performed a year, according to the documentation provided by doctors against illegal organ harvesting. It discusses prisoners being tortured and their organs forcefully removed for the sake of profit. The unsanitary conditions of the operating room. Pre-op and post-op procedures. Finally along with infectious tissues and diseases that could be brought along with the organ in

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