Medical Errors Essay

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Medical errors top the list as one of the main errors committed in the health care setting and one of the main issues that threatens patient safety. Medical errors is best described as the failure of a planned action to be completed as intended or the use of a wrong plan to achieve an aim (err). Problems that contribute to medical errors are: surgical injuries and wrong site surgery, suicides, restraint-related injuries or death, falls, burns, pressure ulcers, mistaken patient identities, and improper transfusions and adverse drug events from medication administration (err). Medication administration is a complex multistep process that encompasses prescribing, transcribing, dispensing, and administering drugs and monitoring patient response …show more content…
Medical errors can be prevented by the patient taking responsibility for their own health care. Taking responsibility can be something as simple as making sure all physicians are keep up to date as to what each one is doing and what medications they are prescribing. I have found a simple phone call or a list of all medications that are taken can prevent medical errors substantially. For example, I as a patient keep a list of all physicians I see, their phone numbers, and a list of medications that each doctor has prescribed for me. Each and every time I go to an appointment or to the emergency room I take my list with me. This strategy cuts down on adverse drug events from medication administration. Another way, medical errors can be prevented is by formatting a system at all levels in health care that make it very hard to make a mistake. Instead of using two patient identifiers to identify a patient make a system where it has to be 3 patient identifiers to identify the patient at all levels of health care before care can be rendered.

To achieve better safety the health care system in the US needs to become more up
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Another strategy is to make it mandatory in every state to report events that results in death and serious harm. In addition, put in place voluntary reporting systems to supplement the mandatory reporting system (err). A voluntary reporting systems will target a set or errors that do no or minimal harm and help detect weaknesses that can lead to serious harm. Laws should be put in place to protect the confidentiality of parties involved and the information obtained. Physicians and health care organizations worry over lawsuits but by protecting their confidentiality this lifts their fear and make them feel free to report medical errors. Licensing, certification, and accreditation agencies of health care professionals should set and enforce clear-cut performance standards for patient safety. By instituting these precise standards expectations for safety among providers and consumers are well understood. Also, consumers and purchasers of health care big or small need to make safety a top concern in their contracting decisions. Financial incentives could be created for health care organizations and providers to make needed changes to ensure patient safety (err). Finally, the culture within

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